Maintenance & Scheduled Servicing

Forklift & Heavy Vehicle Servicing Melbourne & regional Victoria

Preventive Maintenance and Scheduled Servicing will ensure that your machinery runs smoothly and lasts longer.

Regular checks, cleaning and safety inspections are included in our comprehensive preventative maintenance program and are the best way to make sure that your machinery is all running smoothly and that it is safe to be operated. Getting your machinery inspected regularly will also help prevent your machinery from needing any major, expensive repairs.

Some of the things that we will check include the brakes, the windshield, headlights, taillights and brake lights. A representative from our office will contact you when your machinery has preventative maintenance services due.

Petrol, Electric & Gas Forklift Servicing
Inclusions Service Area
Engine oil and filter replacement Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Fluid levels Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Safety inspections Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Wiring and electric repairs Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Spare parts supply Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Onsite repairs Melbourne & Regional Victoria
Breakdown Repairs Melbourne & Regional Victoria

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