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Forklift Repairs Melbourne & regional Victoria

In or around Melbourne? Need help maintaining and servicing your forklift or trucks? Look no further than our team at Pro Mech Truck & Forklift Services as your truck mechanic near you. Whether your fleet needs assistance with regular repair work or any emergency servicing during critical hours, we do it all.

If you need a forklift and truck repair expert on a short notice, reach out to our friendly team at Pro Mech Truck & Forklift Services and we’ll help you out. Connect for a quick quote now.

Get All the Help You Need with Forklift Repairs

For years, Pro Mech Truck & Forklift Services has been helping businesses in and around Melbourne with their forklift battery replacement, repairs, and maintenance needs. Our on-site team of mechanics have immense knowledge working for forklifts and heavy vehicles of various specifications. That’s why we’re able to simply service or fix technical problems of any kind and reduce downtime on your business operations.

So, if you’re looking for mobile forklift service near you for help, we’d be more than happy to visit for help.

Your One-stop Shop for Truck Servicing and Forklift Repair Near You

We service all makes & models of trucks and forklifts.

We also specialise in electric forklifts. We fix most issues including brake issues, worn-out tyres, faulty steering, lift problems, electrical systems and much more.

We take pride in repairing all machinery as quickly as possible and at a fraction of the cost of most machinery repair companies.

Most repairs and servicing can be done on-site, which means your forklift is operational sooner. We have the latest equipment and do our best to make sure that your machinery is back up and running in no time, so you can continue working.

Here’s why you should choose us as your reliable forklift service and repair expert:

  • Complete Forklift Maintenance/Repair for New & Old Fleet
  • Fully-certified & Skilled Technicians
  • Decades Worth of Expertise
  • Tailored & Friendly Service
  • Quick Response Time
  • On-call Repairs & Services
  • Minimal Downtime & Affordable
  • Emergency Care
  • On-site Workshop for Overhauls & Repairs

When Should I Give My Forklift for Repairs?

Finding truck servicing and repair services near you is essential to ensure you don’t face any problems later on. A delay in repairs or maintenance can already worsen a smaller problem into something big. 

A single malfunction can damage other areas of your forklift too. It’s thus essential to get your forklift checked as soon as you encounter a problem.

How Often Should I Repair My Forklift?

For regular-duty forklifts, it’s recommended to have your forklift troubleshooting, repair, or maintenance scheduled quarterly every year at your forklift mechanic near you. If it’s heavy-duty then it’s advisable to get it done on a more frequent basis.

While some forklifts can last less than ten years, high-end ones can go on much longer based on their lifespan and other factors. Nonetheless, daily routine checks for repairs are necessary to ensure your forklift lasts longer.

How Much Do Forklift Repairs Cost?

There’s plenty of factors involved when it comes to calculating costs for forklift repairs and maintenance, whether that’s for part replacements or repair. We provide affordable pricing on all of our forklift maintenance and repair services.

Get Complete Peace of Mind for Your Forklift Maintenance Service

Had a forklift or truck breakdown? Don’t let it affect your business. Stop looking for “forklift repair service near me” and just give our technicians a ring. We’ll help book a visit to service your old or new forklift.

Our technicians are highly-certified, professional, and knowledgeable in all major aspects of forklift repair, and will ensure you get the best service as and when you need it. Request a FREE quote now.